Triqui indigenous people evicted from the government palace by new administration


OAXACA, MEXICO.- The New Governor of Oaxaca Salomón Jara, from Morena, who protested as governor just days ago, gave the order to evict the indigenous from the Triqui ethnic group from the government palace where they had been settled for the past 12 years

Two days after protesting as governor of Oaxaca, Salomón Jara ordered the eviction of the indigenous Triquis who were selling handicrafts outside the Government Palace in the early hours of December 2; they had been trading in that place for 12 years.

The Government reported that the operation was carried out to guarantee free movement for all people, which occurred after exhausting all instances of dialogue and offering alternatives without the Triquis having accepted them.

The Triqui Indigenous people accuse the police officers of stealing their merchandise and they stated that they will file formal legal complaints against the government.

In a video shared on social media, men can be seen throwing the merchandise inside the container of a tractor-trailer, without any caution. The Triqui women can be heard screaming for help while the police officers trash their merchandise.


The Oaxaca Post