Cars with CDMX and Edomex license plates could have to process a Tourist Pass to enter Puebla


Vehicles that do not comply with the provision may be penalized with fines of 20 to 30 UMAS, between 1,924 and 2,886 pesos.

The Tourist Pass that will be mandatory for vehicles with foreign license plates as of January 1, 2023, will not apply to the states that are part of the Megalopolis Environmental Commission (CAME).  

The members of the CAME are Mexico City, State of Mexico, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Michoacán, Morelos, Puebla, Querétaro, and Tlaxcala.

As of the first day of 2023, Puebla will restrict the passage of vehicles with foreign license plates through the issuance of the Tourist Pass, which will be free and can be obtained once a semester with a validity of 14 days, twice a semester with a validity of 5 days each one, or four times per semester with a validity of 3 days each.

With the Tourist Pass, vehicles with license plates that are not part of the Came may circulate in accordance with the provisions of the circulation modalities program, based on Air Quality, Certificates, and Vehicle Verification Holograms carried by the Vehicles that Transit in the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Puebla. 

If the data of your car such as year, model, license plate and state of origin reflected in the Tourist Pass do not match the data on the Card, the Pass will not be valid, and may be penalized with a fine of 20 to 30 UMAS (one thousand 924 to 2 thousand 886 pesos).  

It is necessary to have your vehicle’s circulation card on hand and carry out the free procedure through the page :

1. Car registration

Register your vehicle(s) with the data found on the circulation card. When entering the information, only use numbers and letters, without leaving blank spaces.

2. Generate Tourist Pass

Process your pass indicating if you require it for 3, 5 or 14 days. It is necessary to generate the pass from the date on which the vehicle will circulate in a municipality in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Valle de Puebla.

3. Print tourist pass 

After generating your pass, click on PRINT TOURIST PASS.

environmental contingency

In the event that your vehicle is stopped due to Environmental Contingency, you will also have to wait for it to conclude.

The Tourist Pass is NOT valid on days when there is an atmospheric environmental contingency.

Vehicles with license plates from the State of Puebla or without a license plate (with a circulation permit) will not be able to generate the Tourist Pass.

The strategy aims to force people from Puebla to register in the state and comply with vehicle verification. 

In order to process the Puebla Vehicle Testification hologram, through which cars from other states may circulate without a Tourist Pass, the car must carry its respective verification hologram of its state of origin.

As well as abide by the provisions of the Hoy No Circula Program in Puebla, which came into force as of December 1, 2022, and will only apply to environmental contingencies. 

Source: El Universal

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