Viva Aerobús left plane passengers without oxygen during takeoff in Mexico City


A viva Aerobús flight was delayed for 3 hours and left the passengers without oxygen; at least 15 left the plane in desperation. The airline explained the reason for the incident.

Viva Aerobús continues to accumulate complaints from its users, this time for plane passengers without oxygen during a takeoff from the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) on November 28.

According to Twitter user Leandra Magnani, their flight was delayed for at least 3 hours, by the time the passengers had boarded.

Then, when they finally took off, there was a lack of oxygen inside the cabin, which caused panic among those present.

Viva Aerobus explains why flight 1062 ran out of oxygen

After the case of Viva Aerobus flight 1062 went viral on social networks, the airline released a statement to explain the situation.

In this statement, Viva Aerobus reported that, on instructions from the airport, the aircraft was towed to a remote location for inspection, as happens with planes when they require last-minute assistance.

In this sense, Viva Aerobus explained that the lack of oxygen on the plane was due to the interruption in the air conditioning system to carry out maintenance work.

Finally, Viva Aerobus regretted the inconvenience caused by the failure of the passengers and also pointed out that the safety of the users was guaranteed at all times.

“The safety of the people on board remained protected and guaranteed since the normal flow of ambient air continued at all times since the aircraft was on the ground,” explained Viva Aerobus.

Passengers get off the flight without oxygen out of desperation

It was revealed that at least 15 people, including Leandra, got off the plane due to despair; In addition, the complainant passenger reported being asthmatic.

For her part, user Jazmín Barrera, a writer, shared that after a 2-hour delay, people on the Viva Aerobús flight began to feel like they were drowning.

He also shared that they explained to them that the aircraft broke down and they could perceive a strong smell of “burning” and claimed that, despite the fact that it has a reference to a bus in its name, it has never been so bad in one. as it did happen on the Viva Aerobús flight.

Due to this fact, Viva Aerobús only said that it would communicate with the personnel related to the lack of energy, and later of oxygen, experienced by the passengers of flight VB1062, to “take the corresponding measures” so that similar incidents do not happen again.

Source: SDP Noticias

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