Should I Buy Regular or Feminized Seeds?


Feminized marijuana seeds have been at the top of the cannabis market for over two decades. They are in demand worldwide among commercial and home growers. Their overwhelming popularity is very easy to explain as their cultivation guarantees a high-quality result in the maximum volume.

Therefore, any reputable seed bank has a decent line of feminized seeds in its assortment and does its best to collect the best-feminized varieties. For example, Herbies is not an exception and will help you to reach a new level and buy feminized seeds with excellent genetics. Learn more about these seeds and their special features.

What are feminized seeds?

People who are just starting to get acquainted with the culture of cannabis may not know that this unique plant can be of different sexes, and sometimes even at the same time. Like the rest of the flora, marijuana plants can be male and female. The purpose of the former is to produce fertilization so that the latter can form fruits and produce seeds that, with the onset of the new season, will renew the culture.

In the case of cannabis, the males are no longer of any interest, except for procreation. Females, on the contrary, form cones with a high content of tetrahydrocannabinol, which actively affects the human body.

Which one you cultivate depends on the type of seeds, namely:

  • Regular seeds are obtained naturally when the male pollinates the female. In turn, their offspring will equally grow both sexes. There is no way to determine in advance what gender the plant will have, so more of these seeds are planted than necessary to remove the male bushes later.
  • When cultivating feminized marijuana seeds, the grower understands in advance how much they need to grow and plant the same amount of seeds, expecting their beautiful fruits.

Feminized seeds are seeds that do not carry male genes and, thus, ensure that only females are produced, capable of producing excellent bud yields, thereby providing a crop with maximum productivity. Such bushes are also called Sensimilla, and their inflorescences, in most cases, turn out to be larger and gain a higher percentage of cannabinoids.

The main reason to purchase feminized cannabis seeds

These types of seeds will be an ideal choice for any grower as they provide simple and easy cultivation with high yields. Many of those in need of medical cannabis are reluctant to grow them due to perceived difficulties, which include sex determination and the elimination of males at an early stage of maturation.

If you use regular seeds and delay these processes and do not separate one from the other in time, pollination will occur, which will significantly reduce the quality of the crop. Just one male bush can fertilize many female ones, which is unlikely to be desired by a grower who cultivates a crop for recreational and medicinal purposes.

As for feminized cannabis seeds, they do not contain male plant genetics and, therefore, can only produce female offspring.

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