How massages help your health


The practice of massage is not just enjoyable and soothing, but also a serious method of complex treatment of various diseases and conditions of the body. That is why many experts recommend massage and spa as an addition to a variety of therapeutic and rehabilitation courses. In the Armonia Spa, experienced masseurs will make you any massage you need.


This spa center offers many services at your disposal: luxury massage, Moroccan bath with massage, or massage with aromatic oils. You can see the full list of services on their website – Massage Center.

Now let’s look at how massage affects our health and body.

What problems does massage solve?

Every day, thousands of individuals worldwide turn to professional support from massage therapists. The positive impact of massage has been noticed and studied since ancient times. Today, with the help of this amazing “tool”, you can solve the following problems:

  • Psychological;
  • Neurological;
  • Physiological.

Massage can be done at home, but the greatest effect can be achieved if you turn to experienced professionals. A qualified approach is especially important when therapeutic massage is needed. Only an experienced doctor really knows what to do in each case, based on the patient’s health status and characteristics.

How does massage affect mood?

Those who have been at a relaxing massage say that after it you leave as if renewed.

This is a great way to relax for those who have not yet gone on vacation. Or maybe, on the contrary, for those who went, there was not enough time to rest completely.

There are essential oils that will help, on the contrary, get a charge of vivacity. Which will help you find inspiration for such things that you have been putting off for a long time.

There are even antidepressant oils, such as some citrus scents and lavender. Combined with a quality massage, this aromatherapy can significantly lift your spirits.

In general, choose from the mood palette the one you want to have, and come for a massage with essential oils.

Healing effect of massage

Massage is not a panacea for all diseases, but it is quite an effective tool for improving overall well-being and easing chronic pain. The main healing effects after several massage sessions include the following:

  • Elimination of pain;
  • Increased tissue elasticity;
  • Restoration of the activity of muscles, organs, systems;
  • Activation of the metabolic process.

Due to the fact that the effect of therapeutic massage is cumulative, it is necessary to conduct at least 6-10 sessions in one course for noticeable improvements.

After 3-4 sessions, some deterioration in the general condition may occur, which is associated with the expansion of nerve endings and the beginning of the full-fledged work of some organs and systems. After another 1-2 sessions, you will feel lightness, vivacity, and a noticeable improvement.

Benefits and effects of massage

The main benefits of massage:

  • Enhances lymphatic and blood flow – due to the normalization of blood circulation, the body is cleansed of harmful substances;
  • The pressure returns to normal – massage helps to improve the exchange of fluids between different tissues and muscles;
  • Accelerates muscle recovery – massage actively affects the muscle tissue, and improves blood supply to the muscles;
  • Eliminates headache or migraine – very often, we are worried about headaches, because due to long sitting, uncomfortable posture, blood circulation is disturbed, and nerve endings in the neck are pinched. Massage allows you to solve the problem of regular headaches;
  • Improves the quality of sleep – massage promotes the entry of special delta waves into the brain, which are responsible for fast and deep falling asleep;
  • Massage improves your appearance.– due to the normalization of blood circulation and the concomitant exfoliation of dead skin cells, people who regularly attend massage treatments can look younger than their years.


Massage is one of the best procedures in medicine, which not only brings health benefits but is also pleasant for the patient, which is important. It is used not only for therapeutic purposes but also for preventive purposes.

By doing massage, we act on all layers of the skin, on skin vessels and muscles, on sweat and sebaceous glands, and also affect the central nervous system, with which the skin is inextricably linked.

Massage perfectly heals not only the body but also the soul.

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