Mexico City mayor Claudia Sheinbaum announces she is getting married


Claudia Sheinbaum, Mayor of Mexico City, said that she will marry her boyfriend, the physicist Jesús María Tarriba.

In a conversation with journalist Martha Debayle on Wednesday, November 23rd. Sheinbaum talked about the beginning of her relationship with Tarriba and confessed that they live together and plan to get married.

“So you live together?” Asked Debayle, to which she replied: “Yes, and we are getting married. We already decided it is for the best, we both decided (…) It’s something nice and don’t you think we are going to throw a big party or anything”.

Sheinbaum described Tarriba as a calm person who likes to read, they love to take care of each other and even play the guitar together. “The truth is I’m happy,” Sheinbaum confessed to Debayle.

Meanwhile, Andrés Manuel López Obrador congratulated Sheinbaum on her upcoming marriage to Jesús María Tarriba, an official with Mexico’s central bank.

“I don’t usually attend ceremonies, baptisms, or weddings,” López Obrador told reporters at his regular news conference after he was asked whether he would attend Sheinbaum’s nuptials.

AMLO added that he hasn’t attended such events for years because he gets a lot of invitations and accepting them would take up a lot of his time.

“I have many friends, millions of friends, brothers, sisters, the truth is there is affection, a lot of affection and it is reciprocated by a lot of people, not just my family,” he said.

Sheinbaum, a close ally of the president, announced Wednesday that she would marry her partner of six years. “Both of us decided [to get married]. … The truth is I’m happy,” she said in an interview.

The mayor declared last month that she is “ready” to become Mexico’s first female president, and is openly campaigning for the Morena party nomination for the 2024 presidential election.

Many political observers believe she’s López Obrador’s preferred successor, but the president asserts he doesn’t have a favorite.

Source: El Universal

Mexico Daily Post