Nayarit: a verdant oasis of biodiversity on the Pacific coast of Mexico


On the Pacific coast of Mexico, a verdant oasis of biodiversity exists in the form of Nayarit. Though this scenic state makes up just about 1.4% of the nation’s area, it hosts a colossal array of indigenous plant and animal species, with dense mangrove forests and mountainous pine-oak woodlands all splayed throughout its borders—but these verdant landscapes and pristine beaches attract more than just native North American wildlife.

In recent years, the stunning Riviera Nayarit has become a particularly popular tourist attraction, with no shortage of upscale resorts and idyllic inns dotting the coast. While a large influx of tourists can certainly wreak havoc on local flora and fauna populations, certain venues have established sweeping conservation initiatives to protect Nayarit’s non-human residents with sustainable all-inclusive resorts.

Located on the northern edge of the scenic Bahía de Banderas, these neighboring all-inclusive properties are perfectly positioned for a wealth of outdoor adventure activities, offering kayaking sessions, snorkeling excursions, and scuba diving just past the shoreline. For wildlife lovers, in particular, the properties also offer whale safaris from December to March, providing the opportunity to spot humpbacks breaching across the bay—though you don’t have to venture far from the two properties to find all sorts of native flora and fauna.

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