NGO reports 17 atrocities a day in Mexico


It includes in its list torture, mutilation, and murder with extreme cruelty…

During 2022, 5,281 acts of extreme violence have occurred in Mexico that can be classified as “atrocities,” the organization Causa en Común reported in its most recent report.

This is an average of 17 events of this type per day, which include torture, mutilation of bodies, murders with extreme cruelty or massacres.

According to the organization, these events have caused the death of more than 9,000 people, including 308 murdered girls, boys and adolescents.

For the organization, the term atrocity is the intentional use of physical force to cause death, laceration or extreme mistreatment; to cause the death of a large number of people; to cause the death of vulnerable persons or persons of political interest, and/or to cause terror.

The NGO reflected on the phenomenon of atrocities, since a good part of these cases are perpetrated by people who are not part of criminal organizations.

As of June 2021, Causa en Común began an account of this type of actions, which is detailed in the report called Gallery of horror: atrocities and high-impact events recorded in journalistic media.

According to the report, from January to October 2022, 4,516 journalistic notes on events that can be classified as atrocities were identified in the country.

He points out that the most recurring event is torture, with 1,512 cases; mutilation, dismemberment, and destruction of corpses, with 710 cases; massacres, with 433, and murders of minors, with 308 cases.

In addition, there are 241 clandestine graves, 221 murders of officials, 212 cases of people who were burned, 179 lynchings, 16 murders of journalists, and 15 murders of human rights defenders.

By state, where the most cases have arisen are Baja California, with 530, followed by Guanajuato, with 461; Michoacan, with 399; Jalisco, with 222, and Zacatecas, with 220 cases.

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