AMLO says Summit is at risk without the presence of Peruvian president

President of Peru Pedro Castillo

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday, November 21st, it was likely that a Latin American summit would be canceled after Peru’s Congress refused to allow President Pedro Castillo to travel to Mexico.

The leaders of Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Colombia were scheduled to gather later this week at the Pacific Alliance summit in Mexico City.

“It’s very probable that the meeting between the Alliance countries will be canceled, that it will be postponed,” Lopez Obrador said in a daily news conference.

Castillo, a leftist, is embroiled in a political battle stemming from corruption allegations against his government. The country’s Congress, which is controlled by a coalition of right-wing parties, denied last week his request to travel.

Legislators, mostly from the opposition, argued that Castillo’s proposed trip to Mexico was not convenient while a corruption investigation is ongoing.

Castillo’s other requests to travel outside of Peru, including recently planned trips to Europe and Colombia, also have been blocked.

An Organization of American States (OAS) mission is currently in Peru to carry out an “objective” analysis of the political crisis in the country.

Source: El Financiero

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