8 Mouthwatering Turkish Dishes You Must Try


Nothing except food can satisfy the soul. And for that same reason, whether on a vacation or at home, it is so much closer to everyone’s heart. When you can enjoy mouthwatering cuisine and enthralling tourist destinations in Turkey, it is the cherry on top. So hop on to pegasus airlines flight, pack your bags and visit this amazing place to savour your taste buds.

The public only became more familiar with Turkish cuisine in the 1980s, when this nation’s tourist sector began growing. The Ottoman Empire, whose rule began in the early 1400s, was responsible for creating a series of cuisines that have now wowed the whole world. In the transcontinental nation of Turkey, civilizations from several continents coexist. Today’s Turkey is a picture-perfect location with a cuisine that tastes far better than it really is because of the region’s rich Asian, European, and Middle Eastern influences.

Ottoman civilization has had a significant effect on Turkish food, but nature has also had a significant impact. Plant and animal development are at their best in an optimum temperature and environment. Exotic foods from across the globe were brought in thanks to the ideal river and road links linking the nation with the rest of the world. Let’s take a look at the top 8 mouthwatering Turkish dishes that will give you a delightful experience:

  1. Turkish pretzels, or Simit

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One of the classic Turkish morning meals is simit, which is often served with a cup of tea. It resembles a circle of bread covered with various seeds. The size, colour, and sharpness may vary somewhat by area. These may be found all across the nation, including in bakeries, cafés, metros, and even from street sellers pulling carts or carrying baskets. It is among the least expensive yet most distinctive Turkish street cuisine.

  1. A Special Decoction of Turkish Apple Tea

Turkish hospitality is heavily reliant on tea, which is readily available across the nation. However, a speciality apple tea has a flavour of its own and is certain to excite your taste buds to another height. Try this powerful appetiser whenever you want.

  1. A Zesty Tomato Ezogelin Soup

Every food has a unique tale. Additionally, this Turkish delicacy has an intriguing one. According to legend, Ezo, a disgruntled wife, made the soup in an attempt to win over her mother-in-law with her stomach. Red lentils, spicy tomato paste, shredded onions, and tomatoes were combined to make a zingy soup that she topped with dry mint and chilli flakes.

  1. A Veggie Shakshuka, Menemen

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Shakshuka is quite similar to Menemen, a typical breakfast dish in Turkish cuisine. Eggs and different vegetables are used in its preparation, which is gently seasoned with powdered black and red pepper. The greatest way to start the day is with this egg delicacy, which is best served on a plate with a piece of toast.

  1. Turkish crepes called Gözleme

It’s probably one of the simplest foods to prepare and must be eaten in Turkey. These are carefully produced by spreading out the paper-thin dough precisely, stuffing it with either beef or spinach over a generous layer of salty cheese, sealing it, and then cooking it until it is crisp on a very hot griddle. It is the ideal Turkish snack to consume on the run since it is fluffy in the centre.

  1. Turkish ravioli, or Manti

Try to picture Italian ravioli without any pasta! These are dough-based, roughly one-third the size, packed with beef or lamb mince, sealed, and cooked in boiling water before being topped with garlic yoghurt and red pepper flakes.

  1. Turkish pastries, such as baklava

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The sweets from Turkey are amazing. Turkish people have a sweet appetite, and they know how to have fun with sugar.  One such dessert is baklava, a fantastic food with a flavour and consistency that never fails to satisfy. They are made of buttery pastry that has been layered into paper-thin sheets, sprinkled with crushed pistachios, and kept together with a thick sugar or honey syrup.

  1. Turkish meatballs known as Köfte

It is another example of a classic Turkish dish and a well-known Ottawan dish with a range of meat and vegetables. Koftes are, to put it simply, homemade meatballs that are fried. To give these bite-sized meatballs a zesty flavour, spicy red pepper sauce is best served with them.

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