NARCOS: The eccentric luxuries achieved by “El Mencho” thanks to the CJNG


Below we present some of the spectacular luxuries owned by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias “El Mencho”, the result of his earnings in charge of the CJNG

After the ostentatious construction of his own hospital was made known, various luxuries have been enjoyed by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias “El Mencho “, who decided to create his own medical center for his personal use in the community of ” El Alcihuatl”, belonging to the municipality of Villa Purificación in Jalisco. However, this is not the only eccentricity of this capo who lives in luxury while he is on the run from the authorities.

NARCOS: The eccentric luxuries achieved by "El Mencho" thanks to the CJNG
The luxuries of “El Mencho” are among the most eccentric

“El Mencho” is an eccentric narco 

According to information from the “Infobae” portal, Oseguera Cervantes is known for being a consumer of Argentine roasts and meat from Sonora, as well as for his fondness for roosters, exotic animals and the luxurious ranches where he has hidden during this Time to evade the authorities. For years the CJNG leader has taken refuge in ranches and rural properties, mainly on the coast of the state of Jalisco .

During the latest events recorded in today’s news, it has been revealed that thanks to various operations carried out by federal authorities between 2015 and 2017, it is known that these places were also used to collect exotic animals, strange items, luxury cars, jewelry and weapons. The same that “El Mencho” has created as a result of his command at the head of the CJNG, a criminal organization that has grown significantly in recent years.

NARCOS: The eccentric luxuries achieved by "El Mencho" thanks to the CJNG
Houses, expensive and exotic animals

The execution of a renowned merchant from Tabasco at the hands of

One of these places is the La Esperanza ranch, in Tonalá, in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, which was owned by José Luis Gutiérrez Valencia “Don Chelo”, Oseguera Cervantes’ in-law. There, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office found a Bengal tiger Harris eagle, a yellow-breasted toucan, two Cara a Cara birds and three military macaws. In addition to six .9-millimeter caliber pistols, two were gold-plated, one with the image of San Judas Tadeo, another with precious stones with the logo of a skull and a Ferrari.

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