Sustainable footwear, a more friendly lifestyle with the planet


Sustainable footwear not only tries to respond to fashion trends, but it is also committed to caring for the environment.

Fashion is moving towards sustainability and the footwear industry is not far behind. Discover what some brands are doing to contribute to the planet, by creating sustainable footwear that is responsible for the environment.

Photos: Toms

In an interview for Forbes Life Mexico, Lorena Vázquez, founder and CEO of Loly In The Sky, highlighted that around 165 billion pairs of shoes are produced in Mexico, however, this generates a large amount of greenhouse gases, due to the amount of energy that is used for the production and to obtain the materials.

“We create and work every day so that sustainability stops being a trend and becomes a lifestyle. “lorena vázquez, founder and CEO of loly in the sky

Photo: Courtesy of Loly In The Sky

The founder of the Mexican footwear brand points out that these and other reasons are enough for the footwear industry to worry about promoting environmentally friendly designs, integrating solutions that are aimed at reducing the carbon footprint, increasing compatibility with recycling, and dispensing with highly polluting materials.

Loly In The Sky
Photo: Courtesy of Loly In The Sky

In this sense, Karla Mutaguchi, brand marketing manager of Vans Mexico, maintains that the purpose of manufacturing sustainable footwear responds to the objective of reducing the environmental impact caused by the manufacture of materials that are commonly used in this same industry.

The characteristics that distinguish sustainable footwear

According to Magnus Wedhammar, Chief Executive Officer of Toms, the Toms brand has Earthwise™ products, which were designed with the planet in mind, since at least one of their components includes sustainable materials, such as 100% organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, ecological fiber, and Tencel Lyocell™ fiber.

sustainable footwear
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Meanwhile, Vans has promoted the UltraRange VR3 line, which is made with a combination of sustainable, responsibly sourced materials and recycled materials that make up at least 30% of the product. Among the main components are cotton, leather, rubber, and polyester. In addition, they have an insole made with 70% foam derived from vegetable oils.

Regarding the footwear of the Mexican brand, Lorena Vázquez affirms that these are made with local materials, which reduces gas emissions, thanks to the reduction in the use of energy required for the transportation of the components. In addition to the above, she emphasizes that they have an eco-friendly footwear line that implements biodegradable materials and recovered soles.


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