Will the people of Mexico celebrate AMLO’s birthday on November 13th?


The group “Yo Soy Mexico” (I am Mexico), supporters of President López Obrador, called on citizens to attend the Zócalo of Mexico City on November 13, to celebrate the president’s 69th birthday.

In social networks, the followers said that they will sing the mornings, they will have a party and they will defend the electoral reform, proposed by the head of the federal Executive.

On the other hand, businessman Claudio X. González and opposition political parties asked to march that same day against the initiative to defend the National Electoral Institute.

“We must raise our voices against tyranny. Then there will be no space to express ourselves. Don’t miss it on November 13, 10:30 in Ángel de la Independencia (SIC)”, González said.

Source: SIPSE

Mexico Daily Pöst