Tlaxcala is becoming a “fashionable” tourist destination


“ At the national level, Tlaxcala is giving a lot to talk about and it is fashionable as far as the tourism sector is concerned because although it lacks a beach, it is a state that has it all, mainly the warmth of its people and their safety,” said Beatriz Flores of la Torre, president of the Association of Travel Agencies of Aguascalientes.

When inaugurating the works of the alliance of Tour Operators “Fam Trip 2022”, in its second edition, Beatriz Flores highlighted that on this occasion representatives of 18 travel agencies arrived in Tlaxcala that reported high sales and who for five days will visit the main attractions of six municipalities, with the aim of putting together visitor packages that in December and the high seasons of 2023 will return with dozens of tourists.

As a Tour Operator, I am impressed by Tlaxcala because it is a state that has everything, it has an archaeological zone, forest, culture, and history and they are also traditional hosts., highlighted when advancing that the objective of his stay is to join efforts and explore more travel alternatives, in order to strengthen the economic development of tourism companies and generate income in the states they visit.

“ This is a twinning that seeks to offer quality and warm services, as well as safe and healthy destinations for tourists and visitors, as well as the creation of value chains that translate into recovering jobs lost during the pandemic,” he added.

The Tlaxcala Tourism Business Alliance has among its objectives to weave ties that allow attracting a greater number of visitors to the different destinations of the entity and, in the case of the “Fam Trip 2022”, that they know the history, gastronomy, culture, crafts, and traditions that give identity to the state at a national and international level.

Meanwhile, Miguel Ángel Díaz Castro, president of the Association of Firefly Sighting Centers of Nanacamilpa, said that tourism is an important source of jobs for the state and “in the face of the adversity that existed due to the pandemic, service providers in this branch looked for alternatives to get ahead, joining efforts and talents, creating the Tourism Business Alliance to make Tlaxcala a safe destination and reactivate the state economy “

  • The municipalities that Aguascalientes Tour Operators will visit for five days are the state capital, Huamantla, Españita, Nativitas Tlaxco, and Nanacamilpa.
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