Experts see potential for a powerful storm to develop in the Atlantic

Why a new, unorganized disturbance in the Atlantic worries forecasters (Photo: The Weather Network)

The Atlantic hurricane season may be nearing its end, but there is still the potential for a powerful storm to develop.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) is keeping a close eye on two potential systems, one of which could have impacts on the southeastern U.S. and the Bahamas in the coming days.


An area of low pressure is developing more than 320 kilometres north of Puerto Rico and is producing a large area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms. This system is forecast to move northward and then northwest into the southwestern Atlantic where environmental conditions appear conducive for additional development.

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A subtropical or tropical storm is likely to form in the next day or so. The system is then forecast to turn westward or west-southwestward over the southwestern Atlantic by the middle part of this week when additional development is possible.


Regardless of development, the disturbance in the Atlantic carries the increased risk of coastal flooding, tropical-storm-force winds, and heavy rainfall for much of the southeastern U.S. coast including eastern Florida and portions of the Bahamas in the early and middle part of this week.

Interests in those areas should continue to monitor the progress of this system as a tropical storm, hurricane, and storm surge watch could be issued for a portion of these areas by early Monday. The NHC pegs the formation chance at 80 percent through the next 48 hours and 90 percent in the next five days.

The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season will end on Nov. 30.

Source: The Weather Network

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