Travel to Mexico this winter (VIDEO)


If you’re traveling with a group, “a road trip with friends in the Yucatán Peninsula is a great idea,” Herrera says. That’s because you can plan stops to satisfy every kind of traveler in the group, such as swimming in cenotes (cave pools), admiring architecture in Valladolid, dancing in Mérida, touring ruins near Tulum and exploring Yucatecan cuisine.

Groups should focus as much on the accommodation as the destination, and he recommends finding a hacienda — an estate where workers also lived — as a home base for the trip.

Whether you’re in San Miguel de Allende (Guanajuato) for the art or Morelia (Michoacán) for the butterfly reserves, the layout and history of a hacienda “gives a great sense of place”. “

It gives great common areas to get together and chat and meet up with different members of the group and also areas for everyone to eat and drink together.”

Source: Youtube

Mexico Daily Post