In Mexico, October 27th is the date to set up an offering for our departed pets

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In Mexico, making offerings in memory of life partners who were part of families is a very common gesture.

The custom is to set up the altar for the pets on October 27.

If you want to start making this type of arrangement for your best friend, you can begin by setting up a small table with their favorite food, water, toys, and some sweets that they enjoyed in life. Here we tell you what else it contains.

Elements to include in the altar to receive your pet:
Photography: a beautiful portrait, photography to remember your faithful companion.
Candlesticks: these elements light the way for your pet to find its way home.
Cempasúchil: this flower symbolizes the life that is born from death.
Food and toys: choose your pet’s favorite food, it can be croquettes, treats, etc.

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