Querétaro will be promoted for tourism in Qatar


The Ministry of Tourism of the state of Querétaro (SECTUR), in coordination with the company Webcams de México, will undertake a tourism promotion strategy for the entity during the World Cup that will take place in Qatar.

SECTUR special events coordinator, Erika Contreras Moreno, pointed out that the World Cup is one of the most important sporting events in the world, where Mexican culture always stands out for its joy and color. For this reason, she added, it is a great opportunity to promote Querétaro internationally.

“With this strategy, we seek to achieve a visual impact that can be viralized on social networks from Qatar. We will be present and following the Mexican Soccer Team, generating content with the Mexican fans. In addition, we will place a 1.5-meter-high Lelé doll in the Mexican restaurant Viva México, where we hope that diners can take photos and upload them to their social networks, “he said.

With this strategy, the state will be promoted through its cultural ambassador, the Lelé doll, and will offer tourist information to fans who gather at the World Cup, in addition to an intense content campaign on social networks and the Internet.

On his occasion, the director of Webcams de México, Nicola Rostichelli, added that this platform has more than six million followers on its digital platforms, which will amplify the impact of the content generated during the World Cup.

“I am pleased to inform you that Qatar will enjoy the presence of Querétaro during all three of Mexico’s matches. We will carry out activations with the Lelé doll with live broadcasts, as well as with the Querétaro brand with headbands and identifiers,” Rostichelli said.

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