Truck VIN Number: Why do we need it?

FILE PHOTO: Ford produces F-series pickup in Dearborn

The VIN code of your vehicle is a universal identification number that makes it easy to check the truck manufacturer, specifications, and year of manufacture. Each vehicle has been assigned a unique identification number since 1977. Initially, the code was used by manufacturers in the US and Canada, but now it is a worldwide standard.

How to Decipher the VIN Code on a Truck?

Usually, the when checking the truck VIN report you enter a sequence of 17 digits, which are conventionally divided into three parts:

  • The first three numbers contain information about the truck manufacturer, country of manufacture, and brand.
  • The following six digits contain data about the parameters of the truck. Each manufacturer may include different information in this part. Therefore, the content of this VIN area depends on the specific truck plant.
  • The last eight digits. Depending on the capabilities and specifics of production, each plant encodes its information in this segment.

Complete information from the VIN code often becomes necessary when buying, checking or registering a truck. Modern technologies allow you to check the VIN using special applications for smartphones or thematic sites.

When is VIN Verification Important?

First of all, verification of information about the truck may be required when registering with the traffic police. This step is required, as vehicle documents can be forged. Removing or replacing the VIN code is a complex and almost impossible task, and any such “correction” will be noticeable even to the naked eye.

Keep in mind that the data in the vehicle documents must match the code on the truck. Therefore when buying a truck or any other vehicle, it is recommended to always double-check the VIN on the frame and in the documents to avoid further legal issues.

Knowing where the VIN is located on a truck and being able to decipher it is an instrumental skill for any owner and potential buyer of a vehicle. Using the VIN code, you can find information such as the vehicle’s weight, dimensions, and other technical characteristics.

Where is the VIN located on the truck?

Usually the truck VIN can be found in the same places as on cars. For example, the arch of the vehicle or the engine compartment. The VIN is engraved on the metal and non-removable parts of the vehicle. Spotting the number can be tricky but it’s a lot easier when you know where to look for it.

Locations may vary depending on the brand and model of the car. The code may be found at the bottom of the windshield, at the top left of the dashboard, under the driver’s seat, or at the bottom of the arch next to it, on the marking plate under the hood. If you currently don’t have access to the vehicle, the easiest way to find the code is to check the documentation, for example the insurance policy or registration certificate.

When you find the code, it’s time to decipher it. Currently, you can scan and recognize codes with the help of special scanners and mobile applications that use the smartphone’s camera. You can also check the VIN using one of the many online services that are available in a few clicks. Knowing the VIN is crucial when choosing the necessary spare parts for your car. With its help you’ll surely find the correct parts.