The European Union degrades the level of confidence in Mexico


The High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell classifies him as a member of “a disorderly multipolarity.”

The European Union (EU) has qualitatively degraded the levels of trust towards Mexico for being part of a block of “disorderly multipolarity”, commented the head of community diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

In a note written by Inder Bugarin of the newspaper El Universal, it includes part of the comments made by Borrell last Monday in Brussels during a meeting with ambassadors who work for the EU foreign action service.

The High Representative for Foreign Policy of the EU included Mexico in a block of countries called swing States, pendular or indecisive States that “do not always follow” the EU in its foreign policy journey.

Borrell twice mentioned the members of the bloc: Turkey, India, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and Mexico.

The meeting was attended by the EU representative in Mexico, Gautier Mignot. Based on public comments by President López Obrador, Josep Borrell turned to Mignot and questioned him: “Did you hear what the Mexican president said about us recently?

There are several episodes in which AMLO has charged against the European Union. Beginning with a harsh letter to the European parliamentarians for having expressed concern about their attacks against the press (March 2022), until last Monday when the president stated that European politicians “beat the drums of war” on the issue of Ukraine .

On October 5, the head of the EU Mission to the World Trade Organization, Joao Aguilar Machado, invited the Undersecretary of Foreign Trade, Luz María de la Mora, to clear up doubts about investment and trade issues in Mexico.

The Economist has requested information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for almost two years on the status of the negotiation of the Global Agreement, but to date has received nothing.


Borrell warned Russia yesterday that its troops would be “annihilated” by the Western response if Russian President Vladimir Putin makes good on his threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

“Any nuclear attack against Ukraine will generate a response; it will not be a nuclear response but it will be so strong from the military point of view that the Russian army will be annihilated,” said the Spanish leader.

For Borrell, President Putin “assures that he is not lying. And he cannot afford to brag now.”


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