American criticized for saying that “Bread of the Dead” is made from the ashes of the deceased


With the upcoming arrival of the Day of the Dead, a video where a foreigner stated that the bread of the dead was made from the real dead was once again a trend on the internet.

The much loved and popular tradition of the Day of the Dead is approaching, a Mexican celebration that has the purpose of honoring those who have already left the earthly world, however, aspects of this celebration are still very unknown to many people.

Such was the case of an American girl who assured that the bread of the dead is created from the ashes of Mexicans. Yes, that’s right.

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The video of said statement was originally shared in 2019 through the TikTok platform, unleashing laughter and criticism from thousands of users around the world, as well as quite a shock, because he really said those words with complete confidence.

“ I did not know, but for people who are not from Mexico, did you know that they really put ashes of the dead on the bread of the dead? That is why it is called that. How strange is Mexico! ”, He indicated in the video, which you can see by clicking here.

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For this reason, just days after the Day of the Dead takes place, the video has again generated controversy, controversy and has unleashed hundreds of sarcastic reactions, for example, that under this logic, granny chocolate may be made of grannies and the pastor tacos de pastores.

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