Live casino the hottest trend among Mexican gamblers 


Placing a wager on a game of chance has been part of Mexican culture since time immemorial. Unlike neighboring nations, Mexico has not battled through lengthy legal debate and reform over the online casino revolution. Indeed, it is fair to say that Mexico was in on the ground floor, issuing its first online casino licenses as long ago as 2004. 

As such, Mexico has seen every stage of online casino gaming’s evolution over the past two decades, from the rudimentary virtual roulette wheels of the early days to the complex slots and live games we see in the 2020s. 

Embracing the latest trends 

Another notable feature of Mexican online casino habits is that players are generally open to new experiences. In some cultures, change is treated with suspicion, and players like to stick with what they know. That is less the case in Mexico, where no one or two casino games are dominant. Quite simply, Mexican casino players generally like to try out as many games and experiences as possible and to try out anything new. That explains why live casino has become such a hot trend over the past two to three years.  

An immersive experience 

With a live casino game like Casino Chile Online, the player is connected to a real human dealer in a studio via a webcam. The dealer deals with physical cards or spins a real wheel, and participants connected to the game can play in real-time. A web chat box means it is even possible to have a conversation with the dealer while you play, just as you would in a real casino.  

As well as providing a more immersive and engaging experience, there are some more prosaic advantages to live casinos. A spin of the wheel or a hand of cards takes more time to complete when it is done by a real person, and that can only be a good thing for helping to conserve your bankroll. Also, many players feel more secure playing with real cards and equipment as opposed to leaving everything in the hands of a computer’s random number generator.  

An incredible array of games 

Live casino breathes new life into old classics. You might ask where do I find the best online roulette games, and today, the answer is almost certainly in a live casino setting. Most casinos offer several live tables of the more popular games, just like a real casino, so you can choose which one to join according to the table limits, game features, or simply whether you like the look of the dealer. 

You’ll find all the usual table games like blackjack, 3-card poker, baccarat, and sic bo in a live casino. But we mentioned earlier that Mexican gamblers are typically open to new things. How about some innovative variations on old favorites, like lightning roulette or peek baccarat?

The live casino also hosts plenty of completely new games. Some, like the Wheel of Fortune inspired Dream Catcher, take a TV game show style, while others, such as rummy, are established games that have been reimagined for the live casino. There are more new games appearing all the time, so you certainly won’t get bored in a live casino!  

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