They finally arrested over 20 people in Sonora for an illegal checkpoint and road blockade in Vicam


27 Yaquis arrested for blockades, checkpoints, and illegal charges on highways in Sonora

The state governor, Alfonso Durazo, pointed out that after 10 years, federal highway 15 was released thanks to the operations carried out

Due to the roadblocks in the Vicam area -attached to the municipality of Guaymas in Sonora-, the security authorities carried out various operations in which they managed to arrest more than 20 people who were allegedly responsible for blocking communication routes.

The section in question is Federal Highway 15, which would have suffered multiple blockades for more than 10 years, for which the Security Table made the decision to release traffic and clear the area.

In this sense, the State Public Security announced that at first the arrest of 20 people who maintained the blockade was achieved, who were made available to the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) in order to initiate the corresponding research folder.

“The security institutions in a coordinated manner and we will permanently carry out the necessary actions to prevent people from obstructing the road, preventing free transit,” detailed the authorities while assuring that those responsible will be sanctioned as appropriate.

In total there were 21 people detained by the block of federal highway 15 (Photo: Twitter@SonoraSeguridad)In total there were 21 people detained by the block of federal highway 15 (Photo: Twitter@SonoraSeguridad)

Subsequently, the number of detainees rose to 27. During the operations carried out on Wednesday, October 5, on federal highway 15, vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles were also seized, without specifying the exact amount.

Meanwhile, elements of the State Police and the National Guard remained in the area to protect those who passed through the area. Moments later it was reported that vehicle traffic was moving normally.

For his part, the governor of Sonora, Alfonso Durazo, announced through his social networks that the state security forces will remain at the indicated point with the aim of avoiding new road blockades, at the same time that he recognized the work of The authorities.”Today we continue with the operations to free federal highway 15 in Sonora from various blockades that have been present for more than a decade”

An anonymous call led to the seizure of drugs, vehicles and weapons in Vicam (Photo: SSP-Sonora)An anonymous call led to the seizure of drugs, vehicles, and weapons in Vicam (Photo: SSP-Sonora)

Likewise, the Morenoite militant pointed out that in previous operations carried out in the area by various security institutions, both federal and state, it was possible to seize high-powered weapons, a vehicle with handmade armor, drugs, and money, for which he warned not to no line of investigation will be ruled out.

It was at the beginning of October when it became known that agents from the Secretary of the Navy and the Municipal Police of Vicam seized tactical equipment and drug trafficking vehicles since among the units was a “monster”, to which Durazo referred in his Twitter account.

The seizures were derived from an anonymous call to the emergency services, in which the presence of an armed group was reported in a Vicam home. Given this, a search was carried out in the indicated property, where various doses of crystal drugs and marijuana were found, as well as weapons.

According to the State Security Bureau, three AK 47 weapons with 15 chargers were seized; two 5.56mm caliber R15 weapons with five magazines; four tactical vests, the unit with handmade armor, a Cheyenne truck, another Dodge, a Toyota car, other Mustangs, as well as a motorcycle.

It is worth mentioning that the town of Vicam is located in the area that separates Ciudad Obregón and the port of Guaymas, where the Yaqui tribe has settled. However, due to its location, it has become a transit route for drug shipments to the United States .

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