Yes! vacations in Mexico will increase, but not for everyone. Who will be left out?


This proposal seeks to reduce the working day from 8 to 7 hours per day, here we tell you which employees this law will NOT apply to, if it is approved and the reason why not.

Mexico.- This Tuesday, the Legislative Studies Commission of the Senate of the Republic will have to vote for the labor reform that intends to extend the vacations per year in Mexico, which would be 6 more days, for example, to those who are in their first year of work, they would be given 12 days instead of the 6 they currently receive.

This opinion seeks to reduce the working day from 8 to 7 hours per day, here we tell you which employees this law will NOT apply to , if it is approved and the reason why not.

Vacations in Mexico increase! When can the 12-day period apply?

First of all, you should know that, if the increase in vacations is approved, from 6 to 12 days in Mexico, in the Legislative Studies Commission of the Senate, this bill must advance to the plenary session of the upper house. If approved, it must be ratified in the Chamber of Deputies so that articles 76 and 78 of the Federal Labor Law (LFT) can be modified.

If this is approved by both the Legislative Studies Committee and the Senate Plenary, as well as the Lower House, the increase in vacations per year, from 6 to 12 days in Mexico, could come into force as of next year, with what  PRIVATE companies will be obliged to carry out this law, because if they do not, they will be fined the equivalent of 250 to 2500 times the Measurement and Updating Unit”.

Who will be the workers who will be left out of this vacation increase?

Although the labor reform is approved, both by the upper and lower chambers, the law will NOT apply to employees who work in the public sector, that is, the government and government entities, that is, to the so-called bureaucrats.

If detailed in the legal opinion proposed by Morena’s supporters, the measure of the increase in vacations from 6 to 12 days per year, the reduction of the working day from 8 to 7 hours and the increase in paternity leave It will only be applied to employees of private companies in Mexico.

The reason why this labor reform will NOT apply to bureaucrats is because when working in the public initiative or government, the legal benefits are much broader than those offered by the private sector.

Many civil service employees can take up to a month’s paid vacation after their first six months of employment (particularly those ‘confidence’ workers, although this also applies to unionized workers).

And if you are a  government or government agency worker, the proposal to reduce the daily workday by one hour and increase vacation days per year will unfortunately NOT apply to you.

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