“We risk our lives to protect our life and our land,” Alexandra Narváez

Alexandra Narváez

Alexandra Narvaez describes herself as an Indigenous woman from the A’i Kofán community of Sinangoe, Ecuador. Mother, activist, and Indigenous rights & land defender.

Alexandra Narvaez, the first woman to join the A’i Cofan people’s guard, poses for a photograph as she waits for the arrival of constitutional judges to hear the country’s native groups defend their right to oppose mining projects in their territories, at the A’i Cofan community, in Sinangoe, Ecuador, November 14, 2021.

Narvaez is historically the first female land patrol member to join Ai Cofán’s Sinangoe territory Indigenous patrol in Ecuador.

“We risk our lives to protect our life and our land,” Narvaez, told US-based news portal INSIDER. “The Ai Cofán fight is about defending 73,000 hectares that belong to us—our home, our territory.”

Today across the Americas, Native American women have continued the arduous work of preserving the environment, pushing for Indigenous rights, and representing their diverse communities in business, government, and the arts.

Source: Insider

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