“Seguro Aguascalientes” a free health service state project

Photo: Government of the state of Aguascalientes.

The government of the state of Aguascalientes considers to provide medical care to 120 thousand people who were affected by the disappearance of Seguro Popular and do not have any health service, through the “Seguro Aguascalientes” program.

Governor Teresa Jiménez Esquivel reported that said project, on which she has been working for a year, will work in coordination with the Secretary of Social Development of the State to deliver medical care to those who need it most.

She reiterated that health is a basic right and families in the entity will have it.

In the first stage of the program, 36 million pesos will be invested, with which four new clinics located at strategic points in the east of the capital and in the municipalities of Seats, Calvillo, and Rincón de Romos will operate, serving 20,000 people.

“I want to thank the health sector for the opportunity they give me to work for Aguascalientes; Thank you for your trust, because I know that we dream together with this important health project in Aguascalientes”, Jiménez said when presenting the program.

“We will help them so that if they face an emergency or an illness with complex and expensive treatment, they don’t have to spend their savings to get out of the problem,” she said.

The Seguro Aguascalientes program includes free medicines, equipping health centers, and strengthening the workforce so that the most remote communities have quality medical services.

“The Aguascalientes Insurance represents the opportunity for the hydro-warm people to have a better quality of life,” said the governor.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Health of Aguascalientes, Rubén Galaviz Tristán, pointed out that the first phase of this project involves creating a medical file to know the health status of the beneficiaries and thus generate a preventive medicine program to prevent diseases detected in advanced stages.

Source: Alcaldes de México

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