Tips To Win Money In Live Poker Games



Poker is one of those gambling games where winning money feels exciting. After long minutes of planning your next move and outwitting your opponents, being on the upper hand in this game certainly is rewarding.

One question lingers in the minds of those who enjoy poker. How do I get better? After all, being good at poker means higher chances of bringing home some extra dough. Winning money in a game of poker is certainly possible, but being profitable off a series of games takes some dedication and time to learn the craft. To increase your winnings, you can also try to use a bonus code at Ignition Casino

Poker may seem like a simple game, but there are many intricacies to the game that goes unnoticed by most recreational players. Making money consistently requires a certain level of skill, and this can only be gained by learning the game and experiencing it.

Choose The Right Poker Format

There are a few formats of poker games to choose from, mainly tournament-type games, cash games, and even free roll games. Choosing the right type of game is the first step to winning more cash from poker games.

Although all formats of poker are quite similar, there are a few key differences that set them apart. These differences, however, can be a huge factor in playing well or playing badly. 

The most common form of poker played amongst casuals and amateurs is the poker cash games. When it comes to winning money regularly, there is no better place to start than in cash games. Players are free to enter and go as and when they please in cash games, which is ideal for those learning to get better at the game.

Cash games typically have lower buy-ins as compared to tournaments, which is why we recommend cash games to those wanting to make money consistently. Most casinos host games with a minimum buy-in of two dollars, which is ideal for those starting. As you progress, your buy-ins can get larger and larger as you get more confident.

However, there are merits to other formats such as tournament-style poker games as well. Tournaments usually have buy-ins starting from $20. With larger buy-ins, there will be large prize pools and the reward for getting far into the tournament is usually much more than you can get from cash games, albeit the risk that comes with the high skill ceiling of such games.

Game Selection Is Important

The type of poker game you choose is important as well. Let’s say you’ve settled on playing cash games for now. There are tons of different cash games to choose from, each with differences that can be the determining factor in your success. 

The most common difference that sets games apart is the buy-in value, or how big the stakes are. More often than not, the higher the buy-ins/stakes, the tougher the game would be. This is because more experienced players are likely to go for bigger games where the rewards are larger, but so are the risks. When starting out, smaller games are beneficial to your learning process. However, as you gain more experience, you stand a chance to gain more by going for tougher games.

There are also different types of games with slightly different rules within poker as well. Going for games that you are familiar with will no doubt be advantageous.

Play Against Opponents You Know You Can Beat

To be earning money consistently, that ego has to first be thrown out the window. Playing against tougher opponents may boost that feeling of accomplishment once in a while, but when it comes to making money, it does more harm than good. 

Tough opponents give you the chance to learn from those better than you, but it may not be sustainable for your wallet if you play every game against those better than you. Playing against opponents with similar skill levels, or better still, against those who you know are worse than you, is a quick and easy way to come out on top more frequently. 

Choose Your Starting Hand Wisely

Poker games can be decided in the early rounds if you’re good enough. This all comes down to knowing what starting hand to play to give you an advantage. Knowing by heart what possible outcomes can come from your starting hand to gain an advantage in the pre-flop is a good strategy to throw your opponents off-guard and make profits.

Play The Fundamentals Well

A key game mechanic of poker is decision-making. Throughout all the rounds in a poker game, one has to constantly be making decisions based on what is and what is possible. Mastering this fundamental skill of decision-making is the key to playing good poker. By making good decisions more frequently, you are minimizing your losses and mistakes, which allows you to then capitalize on the mistakes of your opponents. Miraculous or mind-blowing plays come rare, and more often than not, it is fundamentally well-played poker that wins games.

Understand Poker Theory

A part of playing poker well at a fundamental level is understanding poker game theory well. Poker, like all games, has its own set of skills and mechanics that when mastered, will result in a good poker player.

The Mathematics Of Decisions

Maths plays a huge part in poker, especially in your decision-making. Making profitable decisions can be regularly achieved when one realizes that getting the best possible outcome in poker is about probability and percentages. This is the quantification of maximizing your profits and minimizing your losses in a game of poker. Having a good understanding of the basic mathematics behind poker will already put you a step ahead of your opponents.

Be Adaptable

Being adaptable is another skill that all good poker players have. The field is constantly changing in a game of poker, and being able to adapt to your hand, possible outcomes, the behaviors of your opponents, and other game factors is the key to playing well. 

Being able to adapt allows you to then make better decisions, which again allows you to maximize your gains and minimize losses.


Many factors go into a game of poker, but the ones that you can control are where the opportunities lie to come on top. Winning money consistently in poker games is a feat that takes time and dedication.

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