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Following the average wage decrease to 481MXN a day that took effect in September 2022, Mexico has created a new problem paying its workers. Although the median salary is 32,600MXN a month, which averages to about 1051MXN a day, the reality is that many earn a lot less than that.

This creates the need for multiple jobs and working more than 40 hours per week. Needless to say, this system isn’t healthy for the average human’s mental health and family life. However, there are some decent solutions out there.

Some of those solutions include a remote job or side hustle that you don’t need to leave the house for. Leaving your house or job to commute from one place to another is not only exhausting, but it’s also financially inefficient. The perfect solution to this problem is a remote job or gig.

If you’re running low on ideas, check out our list of 4 side hustles you don’t need to leave the house for!

Online gaming

You might not believe that gaming, an activity we often associate with having fun, can make you money. However, it’s more possible than you’d think!

It all depends on the games you like playing. For example, if you’re more into RPG and story-driven games, you could try your hand at live-streaming. If you’re good at a game or you have an entertaining personality, you may be closer to your goal than you think!

On the other hand, if you like to check new no deposit casinos, you might just make a career out of online casino gaming. After figuring out what games you like to play as well as the games you’re good at, you only need to find a casino that works best for you and start playing. Just make sure to set up a proper budget for this side hustle.

However, keep in mind that both of these options require hard work and perseverance. You won’t get results in a day, and you may feel disheartened at first. If you keep at it, you’ll get some good results!


If you’ve been working on your keyboard skills for long enough, consider a career in transcription services! There are many websites out there that will hire transcribers and offer these services to clients.

However, you must pass a transcription test to get the job, first. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done unless you’ve been typing away for quite a few years. Even then, your success depends on a number of factors. Some of these factors include your understanding of English grammar or the recording quality.

There are a lot of transcription tips and tricks to implement into your typing today that will help you get the job. Practice makes perfect, and in the end, you may just be skilled enough to start transcribing today!

Tutoring and private lessons

Do you excel at a particular subject? Then online tutoring or private lessons may be the routes to choose for your online side hustle.

There are lots of kids all around the world that need help with different subjects such as math and certain languages. Languages are especially easy as many Mexicans already understand Spanish. Tutoring and private lessons are of high value for this language.

Similarly, if you excel at math and algebra, you could start giving high-school-level lessons to kids and teens around the world. Math tutors have an even better and more lucrative market to work with. 

Although it’s hard to calculate the exact percentage, many countries don’t reach the 60% numeracy rate threshold. This means there’s a low number of numerate people worldwide. Finding someone who can work with numbers, and teach them too, is a rare occurrence. In conclusion, it’s also a great opportunity!

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