Daniella Guevara – A Mexican Bringing Real Tacos to Australia


Although Mexican food is well known throughout the world, most of what is consumed outside of Mexico are dishes inspired by Tex-Mex fusion, which are far from the true flavors. Daniella Guevara saw this scene in Australia, and so she was determined to show the city of Adelaide what a Mexican dish really is.

100% Mexican tacos in Australia

Daniella used to run a marine park off the coast of Mexico, but when she moved to Australia in 2009, she worked in several restaurants and discovered that within her there was a great passion for gastronomy, so she decided to go further.


Settled in the city of Adelaide, Daniella began to prepare dinners in her own house that turned out to be very fun events and became the springboard to start her new business called “La Popular Taquería”.


La Popular Taqueria is the place to be in Adelaide for real Mexican tacos in Australia. Daniella designed the menu with traditional recipes for tacos and sauces, although she always takes into account both meat and fish lovers as well as vegetarians, vegans, or those who do not like spicy so much. Aside from the food, Daniella also made sure to include traditional drinks such as tequila, mezcal, and fresh waters.


Since its opening in 2017, La Popular Taquería has been widely accepted by the community. The warm service and delicious flavors have been factors for this business located in what was previously a computer repair shop, which has become the embassy of Mexican gastronomy in South Australia.


Source: themonopolitan.com

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