Physical education teachers block Oaxaca airport


The air terminal closed the facilities for fear that protesters will commit acts of vandalism

Oaxaca.- As part of their 72-hour day of struggle, physical education teachers from Section 22 of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE), installed a blockade on access to the international airport Benito Juárez, to pressure the authorities to comply with their demands.

The airport staff decided to close the air terminal, fearing that the teachers would enter the facilities and commit some kind of vandalism so that users cannot enter to take their flight, and those who are arriving must remain in inside until the demonstrators have withdrawn and there is no risk.

During the day the teachers demonstrated at the headquarters of the Congress of the State of Oaxaca, to demand that they intervene to solve their demands, to move the protesters took several urban transport units in the center of the capital.

Among the demands of the teachers is the formation of a decisive table, in which they are given favorable responses for the workers, and do not procrastinate as the authorities have been doing since the fight they are undertaking has to be historic because the benefit sought is for the working base.

They also mention that the authorities have kept them with crumbs, since in the level of physical education it has not benefited workers who have several years of service and who until now have not received any increase in their workload, in addition to many of they have not achieved their basification, which is a right that is enshrined in the constitution.


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