Women fall into a sinkhole that cracks open in the middle of a party (VIDEO)


The excitement at a party ended up causing an accident, as can be seen in a video in which women start jumping and suddenly a sinkhole opens underneath them.

The video was published on Twitter, and it has gone viral on other social networks.

Everything seemed to be normal, people partying, dancing, and jumping around when suddenly the ground literally opens up revealing a large sinkhole where 5 or 6 women fall while the rest of the attendees watch incredulously.

In a second video related to the accident, party attendees are trying to help those who fell into the sinkhole and even one of the women comes out on her own, but it is unknown if the rest are well or not.

The video has gone viral in the last few hours, but it is not known when it was recorded or where it happened.

@raiodesollau Respondendo a @rlx_sara não consegui gravar tudo mas gravei isso aqui, e foi assim que todas saíram KKKKKKKKK #fy #fypシ #foryou #fyp #fyp ♬ som original – raiodesollau

Source: Twitter

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