10 thousand people participate in the Walk for Peace in Queretaro


Dressed in white they walked from the Conciliar Seminary of Querétaro to the Corregidora Stadium.

To the rhythm of the songs of Father Gustavo Licona, the contingent that gathered in the vicinity of the Conciliar Seminary of Querétaro departed for the Corregidora Stadium as part of the Walk for Peace, convened by the Diocese of Querétaro, as an exercise to strengthen the culture of peace in the face of the growing rates of violence in the country.

“With Jesus, peace is at home”, the motto of the movement led by the Catholic Church, was the phrase that marked the exit of the thousands of people willing to participate in the walk, with their white clothes, their white flags and their bells , just as the invitation stated.

Between prayers, praises and cheers, this movement was developed that toured Hercules Avenue, Calzada de los Arcos, Carretas, Quintas de El Marqués, Arquitos until reaching the stadium; led by the bishop of Querétaro, Fidencio López Plaza, and some parents who were at the head of the contingent, just behind a group of dancers, who were in charge of opening the way through the streets of the city.

Although some motorists expressed their discontent by insistently pressing the horn after being stopped by the passing contingent, there were families who came out of their homes to meet them with white handkerchiefs in hand, religious images and flags with the symbol of a dove to show your support.

Although the arrival at the Corregidora Stadium – a venue remembered for the violent events that took place last March – was scheduled for 6:30 p.m.; It was around six o’clock that the Catholic faithful from the 119 parishes that make up the diocese, both from Querétaro and Guanajuato, began their admission.

In the center of the stadium the stage was already ready, where for about two hours a versatile group enlivened the meeting with songs by Juan Gabriel, Los Angeles Azules, El Symbol, Marc Anthony, among others; In addition to some testimonies of faithful Catholics, prayers and praises, led by the masters of ceremonies.

It was with the bishop’s message in which he invited the faithful to make a moment of communion and silence for the victims of femicide, the disappeared, murdered priests and journalists, as well as for all the victims of insecurity and violence in the country; that he concluded this celebration, which brought together more than 10,000 people, who joined in a cry: Long live peace!

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