What makes Mexico arguably THE biggest gaming market in Latin America?


Anyone who lives in, or visits Mexico knows that it is a country with lots to offer. There are vibrant metropolises like Mexico City to enjoy, also gorgeous food, a lively atmosphere, and beautiful scenery. There is also plenty to do in Mexico and it is a Latin American nation with a hugely popular gaming market. Indeed, many people argue that Mexico is THE leading market for gaming in the region.

Latest figures show Mexico leads the way

When you take a look at some recent stats around Mexican gaming, it is easy to see why it is prized so highly. For example, 2020 saw it rank as number one in Latin America for video gaming and it brought in revenues of around $1.9bn that year.

The recently regulated online casino gaming market also has its part to play. This is no surprise when you look at how opening up to iGaming in other parts of the world has generated extra revenue for their own gaming markets. The USA is a great example of this, with the state of New Jersey being a leading light for legal iGaming in North America. Resorts Casino is a top online casino NJ platform and gives people in the state a safe place to enjoy the best games online and enjoy some of the coolest bonuses.

Since Mexico’s iGaming market fully opened in 2004, this part of its gaming industry has expanded hugely and is projected to see a 33% growth by 2026. This was on top of a reported 1,000% growth between 2009 and 2019!

Lots of people and lots of internet users

The Mexican gaming industry is seen by many as the leading market around Latin America due to the sheer amount of people who call the country home. The current population of around 128 million makes it a huge market for gaming. With so many people in Mexico enjoying this activity, it means the market is one of the biggest around.

Also, there is an internet penetration rate of around 76% in Mexico which has also paved the way for its status as a leading Latin American gaming pioneer. As lots of people like to game online via their smartphones, tablets, consoles or PC, this high internet penetration rate explains why Mexico has such a flourishing industry. Recent improvements to the country’s internet and mobile phone networks have also helped to make gaming more accessible.

Mexico leads the way in Latin American gaming

While reggaeton in Mexico is popular and catching the latest movies is always a hit, playing games is something that is also well-loved around much of the country. The population density increased internet access/usage and general acceptance of gaming as a fun hobby have all helped. This should continue in the future and see Mexico emerge as THE top market in the region for gaming.

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