Merida will finally hav eits gran central park “Gran Parque La Plancha” these will be its attractions


MÉRIDA.- Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal presented today to the Secretary of National Defense, General Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, the executive project of the Gran Parque La Plancha where the federal government will invest $1.3 billion for the construction and adaptation of this new recreational, cultural space and gastronomy of the city.

The cleaning work on the 22 hectares that this development will occupy began a couple of weeks ago, as the newspaper reported, but the first construction it will have will be a row of eleven new two-story homes for the railway families who live in the old houses for 100 years.

When the construction of the houses within the La Plancha land with a view of 46th Street and the interior of the park is completed, the old houses will be demolished together with the Article 123 park so that the entire land has continuity and remains as a single polygon.

In the presentation of the executive project were the 11 people who live in the houses concessioned by the railroad workers, but without being their property because they lack the property title.

Today, Roger Gómez, spokesman for the group and son of an 80-year-old tenant, pointed out that they are happy not only because they will have a new house, with a new design, larger, which is inside La Plancha park, but also because now they will be the legitimate owners because they will receive the deeds of the house. “The railroad workers won with this project,” he celebrated.

General Sandoval González came to Mérida on behalf of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and led the ceremony for the start of construction of the work, but did not deliver any speech at the event.

He left all the protagonism to Governor Vila Dosal, who was the only one who spoke at the event, and accompanied him on a tour of the grounds where he received details of the works that will be in each space.

The governor recognized that this Gran Parque La Plancha was a citizen’s desire for years, it was the result of the management of the neighbors and he was the manager before President López Obrador so he not only accepted a change of land because he had earmarked it for a barracks and housing for the National Guard but supported his proposal that it be one hundred percent park and granted the resources so that this project is already a reality.

He also had words of thanks for the mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha, who was not present because he suffers from severe gastroenteritis because he donated the land for the National Guard barracks in Ciudad Caucel.

Vila Dosal publicly thanked the president and General Sandoval for supporting the Gran Parque La Plancha project, which will have four sections with infrastructure for sports, cultural, family gatherings, recreation, and gastronomy activities. 

Gran Parque La Plancha will have:

  • children’s play areas
  • gastronomic market
  • artificial lakes
  • Malecón, which will round a lake
  • pet park
  • Rink
  • Outdoor gym
  • bike path
  • museum of light
  • Train museum,
  • Amphitheater for 10 thousand people
  • Ie-Tram station

The Yucatan Post