VIDEO. Earthquake does not stop a stylist in Guadalajara and continues to paint the hair of his client on the street


Through Twitter, a user spread the curious video where a stylist continues with his work, but not before saving himself from the tremor.

This Monday afternoon an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 was recorded with an epicenter in Coalcoman, Michoacán, so that in several cities of Mexico it could be perceived, a stylist decided to continue his work in the streets of Guadalajara.

Through Twitter, the user @lizivillaa spread the curious video where it can be seen that a stylist continues to paint a woman’s hair.

“In Guadalajara, says the stylist of the square that ends that discoloration, even though it has finished shaking,” reads the tweet.

For her part, the woman who was painted responded to the tweet, sharing an image of her with her hair in the process of dyeing.

Faced with this funny fact, users of the social network took the opportunity to react to it:

“The chamba is the chamba”, “He is a queen without a crown”, “The glamor first”, “He really said: Nothing is going to throw me the event”, “We are definitely the generation that is no longer afraid of anything “wrote netizens.

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