Who is Heisenwolf, the youtuber accused of killing 6 people in Edomex with his sports car?


Amado Amir González, better known as Heisenwolf, is accused of driving while intoxicated and causing a car accident in which he would have killed 6 people; including a child under 10 years old.

YouTuber Heisenwolf has been accused of killing 6 people with his sports car while driving while intoxicated in the municipality of Acambay, State of Mexico.

But who is the YouTuber Heisenwolf, who has been accused of killing 6 people while driving his sports car?

Amado Amir González, 26 years old, is known on social networks as Heisenwolf, has more than a million subscribers on his YouTube profile.

YouTuber Heisenwolf studied Communication and Digital Media at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Toluca; however, his success came when he opened his YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel, as indicated by the video platform, was opened in 2011 and since then, the name of Heisenwolf has been growing.

Heisenwolf content became famous for explaining movies, series, or anime in 3 minutes or less.

In addition, Heisenwolf uploaded several videos of humor or related to the world of video games.

But the section of 3 minutes or less is the best known of Heisenwolf, and for which it went viral on the Internet.

What did youtuber Heisenwolf do?

During the early morning of this September 19, 2022, a car accident was reported, which ended the lives of 6 people and where the YouTuber Heisenwolf has been identified as the main responsible.

According to the information, YouTuber Heisenwolf’s sports car, a Chevrolet Camaro, left the opposite lane hitting a taxi, thus killing 6 people.

Apparently, the Attorney General of the State of Mexico would have confirmed the arrest of Amado Amir González, the YouTuber known as Heisenwolf.

This while the YouTuber Heisenwolf is hospitalized in serious condition, but is reportedly in custody according to the regional investigation file with the number GOLD / ATL / ATA / 014271073 / 22 / 09.

On Heisenwolf’s social networks and in the videos he has already posted on YouTube, his followers and social network users have been posting comments attacking him.

Even many have already found him guilty, although details about how the accident in which Heisenwolf was involved occurred have not yet been known.

At the moment, YouTuber Heisenwolf is accused of killing 6 people with his sports car in Acambay, including a child under 10 years old.


The Mexico City Post