Mexico earthquake awakens Colima volcano authorities issue alert


The volcano is in a stage of passive degassing. The Volcanic Alert Traffic Light for the Fuego de Colima volcano is in Yellow.

The National Meteorological Service issued a Special Notice for the activity of the Colima Volcano. He explained that there is no visibility toward the area of ​​the volcano. He predicted that, in the event of any exhalation of water vapor, gas, and/or ash, it would have trajectories towards the northwest of the crater.

The synopsis is cloudy sky, without visibility towards the volcano area, so it would be difficult to observe in case of exhalation of water vapor, gas, and/or ash.

It was explained that the volcano is in a stage of passive degassing. The Volcanic Alert Traffic Light for the Fuego de Colima volcano is in Yellow.

The statement detailed that there is cloudiness in the area of ​​the volcano, which would hinder satellite detection in some cases of activity.

The satellite estimate of rain does not show accumulated precipitation in the area of ​​the volcano in the last three hours.

Colima volcano earthquake

In the event of some exhalation of volcanic ash, gas and/or water vapor, the trajectory forecast of the Hysplit model (Hybrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory) , executed at CONAGUA-CGSMN with a possible emission height of 500 meters above the volcanic cone that is 3839 meters AMSL “above mean sea level” (2725 meters AGL “above ground level”), indicates trajectories towards the northwest (simulating exhalation every following hour, 6), as it passes through the northeast area of ​​the state of Colima; south, west and northwest zone of the state of Jalisco; southwestern zone of the state of Nayarit and on the Pacific Ocean, for the first 12 hours of the forecast, (14:00 to 02:00 local time). Later, for the last 12 hours of the forecast, (02:00 to 14:00 local time the next day), the trajectories will continue over the western and northwestern area of ​​the state of Jalisco; the southwestern area of ​​the state of Nayarit, and over the Pacific Ocean where they will end. Said trajectories predict the main direction of emissions from the plume of gas, water vapor, and/or volcanic ash, coming from the Colima Volcano.

The Mexican authorities remain on alert before the continuous activity of the Volcano

The last expulsions in 2015 sent ash, up to seven kilometers high, and the fall of lava have been described by experts as the greatest activity in the last century of this volcano located on the border of the states of Colima and Jalisco, in the west of Mexico.

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