Apps and Websites That Will Help You Decide What to Watch Next

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A survey by Learndipity Data Insights suggests that Netflix users watch 3.2 programs per day, on average. However, they spend an astonishing 57 minutes of a day looking for what to watch, unless they already have a list of shows they have been planning to stream. This goes to show that sifting through thousands of options takes up a considerable amount of your time, especially if you are looking for quality content.

Of course, you can check out the recommendation section of every streaming site, but those trending lists are not particularly personalized. The good thing is that many apps and websites help you find the right content for yourself to watch that also aligns with your interest perfectly.

Therefore, we have rounded up a list of apps and websites you can use to decide what to watch on your next binge-watch session.

Before we move forward, make sure that you have the right tool to go through your plans of streaming the movies and TV shows that are best suited for you. The said tool is a stable, high-speed internet connection like the one Cox Communications provides. With a network like this, searching and streaming the content becomes a piece of cake. If you experience poor connectivity with your current Internet Service Provider (ISP), then you can always switch to a more reliable option. For this, you can contact Cox servicio al cliente (for Spanish speakers) and get all the assistance you need.

Now that you are all set to stream your hearts out, here are some apps and websites that will point you in the right direction to fish out the quality content you should give a watch.

1.      Reelgood

This incredible website offers an extensive catalog comprised of TV shows and movies from more than a hundred streaming services, including all the major platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, Hulu, and Prime Video.

Reelgood allows you to tap on the “Seen it” and “Want to See” options given on each recommendation to create your own personalized list. Moreover, you can hit the “track” button on the TV shows to keep a track of the release of new and old episodes.

Furthermore, the website offers all the information related to any content you choose, such as the platform it is available on, its genre, cast, number of episodes, and much more.

To search for the content, you can also use specific keywords like “top-rated”. Not only this, but Reelgood also lets you see what is releasing soon and what will be leaving a particular streaming site.

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2.      Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is probably one of the most famous review aggregator websites out there. Any content, whether it be TV shows or movies, anything that has been released can be found easily on this platform. In addition to that, it also gives you detailed information with reviews and critics, and viewers’ ratings.

The content is divided into different categories such as; Popular in Theaters, Emmy Winners 2022, Best Series on Netflix, Every Horror Movie of 2022 Ranked, and many more, which makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

3.      Decider

Although the search engine Decider is powered by Reelgood, you can expect it to offer you whole new exciting features. You can easily see the lists of best TV shows found on various streaming sites or you can check out the “What to Watch” section and browse through the exciting recommendations in terms of genre, and platforms.

Not only this, but Decider also lets you find content that matches your current mood. For instance, if you are feeling nostalgic, romantic, weird, or maybe adventurous, you can search for movies or TV shows according to your emotions.

Furthermore, this website collects content from major and lesser-known streaming services such as Vudu, Tubi, Shudder, and PBS.

4.      Taste

Think of Taste as Tinder but in the form of a movie recommendations and reviews site. You swipe right on the content to save the suggestion and left on the ones you don’t plan to watch. This app/website shows you a list of some of the most popular movies to rate, if you have never streamed them, then you can skip the step and move forward to pick the streaming site you typically use. The suggestions you get on this platform come from users who might have similar tastes in entertainment as you.

Taste gives you an option to tap on the movies to learn more about their details such as; the cast, director, and overall reviews.

You can choose any category from top trending to the new releases. In addition, Taste also has categorized films in terms of hidden gems, attributes, simple, light mood, complex, most rewatchable, and watch with friends.

5.      TV Time

TV Time claims to be “The world’s largest tracking tool for TV + movies” predominantly because it notifies you regarding the availability of your favorite movies and TV shows. TV Time also lets you see the new content and provides data-driven insights on what other users are popularly watching and the reason behind it.

You can also keep a track of what your friends are watching and how far they have gotten into any season.

TV Time collects the content from several services including streaming sites and linear networks. It forms lists like “Most Binged Seasons of American Horror Story”, “Top Tracked Netflix Documentaries”, and “Top 100 Tracked Movies.

Final Words

If you are tired of thinking about what to watch and the choices seem countless, then don’t get overwhelmed. The aforementioned sites will solve your problem by not only letting you in on what you should watch depending on the popularity of the content but on your mood as well. Therefore, save your time and check out these platforms to get mind-blowing recommendations of movies and TV shows.

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