Nearly 10,000 migrants have been sent from Texas to “democratic progressive cities”


Nearly 10,000 migrants have been bused by the Republican governor of Texas to cities he calls “progressive.”

Nearly 10,000 migrants have been bused by the Republican governor of Texas to cities he calls “progressive” – ​​Washington, New York, and now Chicago – a strategy branded “racist” and expected to continue until the crucial elections next November.

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The last two buses arrived yesterday, Friday, at the New York Port Authority terminal, in the heart of Manhattan, with a hundred passengers who thus concluded a long journey of several months through various Central American countries to reach New York on chartered transport by Governor Greg Abbott, of the most right-wing wing of the Republican Party.

We fear that this strategy will continue until November for the simple reason that the elections in Texas are then,” the New York Mayor’s Immigration Commissioner, the Mexican-American Manuel Castro, told Efe, referring to the elections in the that Abbott is risking his re-election against Democrat Beto O’Rourke .

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Buses with a pact of silence

The “bus strategy” began in April, when Abbott announced that he wanted to “confront the escalation of the border disaster” caused, according to him, by the Joe Biden government, and then announced that he was going to fill buses with migrants who supposedly collapse the area. border and put at risk “the way of life” of their small towns.

The buses left Washington first, they began to New York on August 5 and last Wednesday they first arrived in Chicago: all three are cities governed by mayors of the Democratic Party and of the black race, with a welcome speech to the migrant.

Migrant shipments are made without the slightest coordination with the governments of those cities, and in addition, the drivers have signed a confidentiality agreement not to reveal their travel plans -according to what the New York Mayor’s Office has denounced-, but in the end, they are the travelers themselves who call family or friends during the journey and it is thus possible to set up a minimal reception structure.

First migrant bus from Texas arrives in DC

Yesterday, as Efe was able to see, the migrants who arrived in New York on two buses found among the basic necessities not only food and water but also shoes, sanitary napkins or tampons for women, as well as diapers for the many babies who arrive in these trips.

This policy is costing Abbott and Texas taxpayers dearly: according to CNN, which obtained the data thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the Austin government has already spent $12 million on these shipments, an argument that can turn against him in the election campaign.

Raise the tone of the accusations

It has been the city of New York, which by law must give shelter to anyone who arrives in the city, which has ended up assuming the greatest burden of these migrants: although Abbott has “only” sent 1,450 to the Big Apple people since August 5, another 6,500 have arrived by their own means from Washington, the first destination of Abbott’s shipments, according to the New York mayor’s office.

The Mayor of New York has not only accused Abbott of organizing these trips without the slightest coordination but has also raised the rhetoric against the Texas governor: Commissioner Castro began by accusing him of using migrants “as human weapons” in his political campaign. , later said that he treated them “like cattle” for putting plastic bracelets on them to track their itinerary and ended up calling him “anti-Latino.”

The latter is a possible allusion to the fact that most of the emigrants who arrive in the city are Venezuelans, arriving in the United States after very long trips of several months throughout Central America.

Gov. Greg Abbott sends five more buses of migrants to New York | The Texas  Tribune

The New York Mayor’s Office has also accused Abbott of forcing immigrants to board the buses against their will -because they supposedly wanted to disembark in other states where they have family-, but the latter could not be corroborated even once in the numerous testimonies collected by Efe in New York and Washington.

Moreover, the migrants seem oblivious to the political fight between Texas and New York, and they say they are very grateful for the treatment received as soon as they set foot in the United States, after the many calamities suffered, particularly in Mexico.

Undocumented migrants board city buses after arriving in Chicago Wednesday.
Undocumented migrants board city buses after arriving in Chicago Wednesday

When Texas’ bus program began in April, Lightfoot tweeted, “I’m appalled by the behavior Texas Governor Abbott has displayed.”

In a statement Wednesday night, Lightfoot’s spokesperson said, “Chicago is and will continue to be a welcoming city. We are collaborating across various City departments and with local, state and community partners to ensure everyone who arrives in Chicago is greeted and treated with dignity and respect.”City officials maintain that temporary shelter solutions for those arriving from Texas will be found and support will be provided.

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