Top 10 Businesses to Start in Mexico


Mexico is the best place for business even for foreigners. Here, have provided a list of the most profitable small business ideas in Mexico for your ready reference.

1. Amusement Park

Mexico attracts huge numbers of international tourists throughout the year. An amusement park has great potential in the country. However, it is a capital-intensive business. And thoughtful planning is important in this business.

2. Automobile

The automotive sector accounts for 17.6% of Mexico’s manufacturing sector. The automotive industry contributes about 20 percent of Mexico’s total GDP and more than one million people are employed across the country. Thus, it creates immense scope for small-scale automobile businesses in the country. However, you must offer the right service or products to your audience.

3. Start a Computer-Related Business in Mexico

Mexico is the third-largest manufacturer of computers in the world with both domestic and foreign companies. The country is Latin America’s largest producer of electronics and appliances made by domestic companies. Therefore, it creates an immense opportunity to start a small computer-related business here.

4. eCommerce Business in Mexico

eCommerce is the booming industry in Mexico. Thus, it is a perfect startup opportunity for young entrepreneurs. You can sell conventional products with value addition or just offer something new. However, niche offerings are getting considerable success in the country as well as South African online casino sites.

5. Export Business

Mexico is a country of export. You can find a lot of opportunities in this segment. automobiles, electronics, televisions, computers, mobile phones, LCDs, oil and oil products, silver, fruits, vegetables, coffee, and cotton are the major export products from the country.

6. Fashion Designing Institute

The Fashion design institute business opportunity is perfect for entrepreneurs who have sufficient knowledge of the subject. However, you must have an artistic mind and adequate experience in the courses.

7. Healthcare Business in Mexico

Total healthcare spending in 2014 was USD 90 billion. And it is growing at more than 8% year on year. Healthcare spending is around 6.5% of GDP and is split 50/50 between the public and private sectors. By 2017 it’s expected to reach USD 103.4 billion. Therefore, this is the perfect industry to invest in healthcare-related startups in Mexico if you have the required experience and knowledge.

8. Fintech

If you are tech-savvy and have some experience in the financial sector, investing in a fintech business can be a good investment decision. There has been a huge increase in fintech startups recently in major cities like Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara.

9. Start a Small Manufacturing Business in Mexico

Mexico is a manufacturing powerhouse. It has huge annual growth in its vehicle and aerospace manufacturing sectors. The country is responsible for more than 60% of Latin America’s manufacturing exports and benefits hugely from its network of free trade agreements, especially with the USA and Canada (NAFTA). Small, medium, and large-scale manufacturing is hugely profitable here.

10. Tourism

Tourism is one of the most important industries in Mexico. It is the fourth largest source of foreign exchange for the country. The country is the eighth most visited country in the world (with over 20 million tourists a year). As a matter of fact, Mexico happens to be a popular tourism-friendly country and is ranked 7th in the world in the category of most visited destinations by international tourist arrivals.