Carlos Slim proposes a 3-day workweek and retirement until age 75


The Mexican businessman explained that the idea of ​​retiring at 60 or 65 is a mistake.

Carlos Slim Helú, the famous Mexican billionaire, declared on Friday, September 2, that a work scheme should be adopted, where employees only work three days, in 11 or 12-hour shifts, that is, 33 or 36 hours a week.

However, he indicated that the retirement age should be adjusted to 75 years old, because, he said, the idea of retiring at 60 or 65 years old is “absurd.”

At the “Fundación Telmex Telcel México Siglo XXI” event, the richest man in Mexico added that being a service society, where physical work will gradually disappear, experience work is more necessary.

The businessman said that if the workers retired at the age of 75 it would be beneficial for the governments and the pension funds.

He also added that in some countries they have already reduced working days from five to four; however, with three it would be possible to double employment.

This is a proposal that the businessman has insisted on for several years since he also explains that with fewer people working in offices, the number of vehicles and pollution would be reduced.

Source: Excelsior

Mexico Daily Post