Viral: CDMX Girl changes her name on her first day of school and they don’t want to give her to her mom


The publication, in which the mother says that they did not want to give her daughter at school, provoked many funny comments, such as that she wanted a new life or a change of family.

MEXICO CITY.- Thania Paola, a mother of a family, exhibited on social networks the case of her daughter who, during the first day of classes, changed her name.

In her recent admission, the minor named Valentina changed her identity to Naydelin and they wrote so on her identification badge.

The woman showed on Facebook a photograph of the minor inside the classroom wearing a badge with a false name.

“They didn’t want to give it to me because the little girl said her name was Naydelin. What WTF Valentina, ”she wrote on her Facebook account.

The story went viral and racked up more than 67,000 reactions on the original post and was shared 100,000 times.

In addition, the reactions to the publication were varied and fun, among those who changed their name, declared themselves fans of the girl or that “she took the opportunity to start a new life.”

Others “more serious” considered that he “went too far” or that he does not like his name or that he wanted a new family.

The Mexico City Post