Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez suffered an accident and his condition is reported as delicate


Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez suffered an accident a couple of days ago and his condition is delicate since the injuries that were caused require surgery and prolonged rehabilitation, his wife, Alessandra Rosaldo, reported on Monday, August 29th.

“He is fine, however, the injuries he suffered are delicate and in the next few hours, he will have to undergo surgery. The operation is very complicated, but it does not compromise his health,” said the singer of Senses Opposites in a statement.

She added that the recovery process of the producer will be long and difficult since he will have to rest for several weeks and then undergo rehabilitation therapies.

“For us, it is very important to communicate to them by our own voice the family situation that we are going through since we know how much love they have for us,” she said.

For the moment, she stressed, the priority is to focus on the medical process so that Derbez, 61, who is a very famous comedian in Mexico, can move forward, taking the time he requires to do so.

“I have some work commitments to fulfill that I cannot cancel, but I ask you with much love, that whatever you want to know about this subject, allow me to communicate it through my social networks,” Rosaldo said.

She commented that Derbez, father of four children, may spend some time away from his social networks and the media.

Source: OEM

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