79% of Mexicans believe that impunity was maintained or increased under AMLO


Lack of reporting and low effectiveness in clarifying crimes are factors so that the probability that a crime is reported and resolved is 1.1%.

79% of Mexicans believe that impunity in Mexico has been maintained or increased during the last three years. The high rates of criminal incidence, the lack of reporting and the low effectiveness of the authorities to clarify crimes are some of the factors why the probability of reporting and solving a crime in our country is only 1.1%, reveals the Survey on Perception of Impunity 2022 .

The study carried out by Impunidad Cero and the polling company Data OPM between October 29 and November 5, 2021, reflects that 46.2% of Mexicans believe that impunity in our country has been maintained in the last three years; 32.8% consider that it increased; while 18.1% think it decreased.

The civil organization specialized in impunity in Mexico considers this problem as the lack of criminal, civil or administrative responsibilities for violations of the law. Among the factors that foster impunity in our country are human rights violations and insecurity; the lack of resources allocated to the institutions for the administration and administration of justice; and the lack of effective anti-corruption plans.

“I think it is a battle that has to continue, hopefully the depth of perceptions of impunity can be expanded. The data on impunity is alarming, it may be the most urgent issue we have on the national agenda”.—   Pablo Parás, president of Data OPM.

They warn about the increase in the approval of penal punitiveness

One of the most relevant data from the survey is the increase in the approval of penal punitiveness since 80.2% of those surveyed are in favor of all crimes being punished with jail time; while 74.5% agree with preventive detention in what is found out if they committed the crime for which they are accused.

According to the organization, the idea that all crimes should be punished with prison is due to the fact that the different alternatives offered by the Mexican criminal justice system in the face of a crime have not been socialized, such as reparation for damage and non-repetition measures.

“If we do not get out of this vision in which we automatically see impunity as a lack of sanction, and we concentrate on the issue of access to the truth, reparation and measures of non-repetition; I do believe that we are going to continue falling into this punitive trap.”—   Irene Tello Arista, executive director of Impunidad Cero.

The data

  • 58% of Mexicans believe that the best way to combat insecurity is to improve training in prosecutors and prosecutors.
  • 77.9% consider that media pressure influences the clarification of some crimes.
  • 80.2% think that all crimes should be punished with jail, 5.7% more than in 2021.
  • 74.5% are in favor of preventive detention as long as it is found out if they committed the crime for which they are accused.
  • The percentage of people who declared that it is better to take justice into their own hands increased from 8 to 10% between 2019 and 2021.

Main causes of impunity, according to Mexicans

  • Failure to report crimes (7%).
  • Corrupt judges (10%).
  • The police do not arrest criminals (11%).
  • Public Ministry agents do not investigate crimes (12%).
  • All of the above (57%)

Source: publimetro.com.mx

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