Spinning waterspout in Playa del Carmen caught on video (VIDEO)


Three people were treated for minor injuries after a waterspout passed over a centrally located city beach. On Sunday, people on the central beach area at CTM Avenue of Playa del Carmen ran for cover as the waterspout neared, tossing beach furniture into the air.

Beach furniture was tossed around injuring two women and one man. Photo: Courtesy

Several city workers who were clearing sargassum from the beach at the time also briefly took cover while the wind storm passed. Passengers on a boat managed to capture the event on video which showed the plastic beach furniture being tossed around while numerous beach umbrellas took flight.

Numerous umbrellas and lounger pads were tossed in the air over top of buildings. Photo: Courtesy

Several umbrellas were airborne up and over the top of a five-story building. Three of those who scrambled for cover inside a nearby palapa-topped building were treated by paramedics for superficial cuts to their back, face, and leg by the flying debris.

Waterspouts are a common sight along the Cancun-Riviera Maya coast this time of year. According to National Geographic, these types of fair weather waterspouts occur seasonably and usually form from clouds associated with developing storm systems, but not storms themselves.

Mexico’s Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN) has forecast thunderstorms for a large portion of the Riviera Maya with the slow passing of a low pressure system. Rains are expected to begin Tuesday and last a few days.

Source: Noticaribe

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