Due to blockades and insecurity, tourists rule out vacationing in Chiapas


The expenses are excessive and we also run the risk that with our relatives they can assault us.

San Cristóbal de las Casas.- Tourists who arrive in Chiapas have had to deal with the road blockades that exist in the entity, many have been trapped between the blockades without being able to visit the main destinations of the Chiapas entity

In the municipality of Teopisca there have been more than 48 hours of road blockade, in the face of this situation several tourists have been affected, both nationals as well as some internationals who intended to visit the Montebello Lakes in the city of Comitán, due to the blockade they were unable to cross.

Likewise, several people who were traveling back to San Cristóbal de Las Casas were stranded in the blockade, some were forced to look for other alternatives to reach their destination.

While the blockade installed in the municipality of Huixtán remains on the San Cristóbal – Ocosingo road section , where several tourists were also affected, fortunately some visitors had access, but this was only for vehicles from a travel agency and the rest of motorists were stranded at the scene.

Some tourists regret this fact because they are economically affected

Some tourists regret this fact because they are economically affected, they point out that they looked for other alternatives to reach their destination, “the expenses are excessive and we also run the risk that they could rob us, because the roads are unsafe .”

They point out that some tourists pay a fee of 100 pesos to get through, which is why they strongly condemn the fact that every time they come to Chiapas they find this conflict that the roads are taken by protesters or by criminals who are dedicated to highway robberies.

It is known that the roadblocks are a group of people who belong to the FNLS

It is known that some of these roadblocks are carried out by groups of people who belong to the FNLS, or by peasants who demand compliance with their demands, there are also blockades carried out by carriers or organizations, which ask for a fee when crossing the vehicles, to the Added to the list are the residents of Oxchuc who have also dedicated themselves to blocking highways and charge a fee between 50 and 100 pesos depending on the size of the vehicle.

Finally, some travel agencies point out that, unfortunately, the state of Chiapas has been one of the states in which there have been the most roadblocks, with tourists being the most affected, since they make their reservations and then end up canceling them due to the blockades. or to insecurity on the highways, for which they ask the government of the entity to establish the rule of law in Chiapas.

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