TikTok: Mexican boasts salary in Canada for picking cherries; “You work 4 months and live very well for a year”


Through TikTok, a user assured that he earned up to 3 thousand pesos a day for collecting cherries.

A Mexican claims to work in Canada to live ‘well’ in Mexico for a whole year. It is common for there to be people in the country who migrate to more developed economies in order to improve their income, and this is another case in which he claims to have been successful.

Through TikTok, the user @ soywalter .enciso assured that salaries of 200 pesos a day or even in offices are lower than those in Canada.


As he relates, in the country, the only thing he has to do is pick cherries, fill boxes of between 20 and 25 pounds and finally earn “between 2,500 and 3,000 pesos a day “, speaking of a person “with no experience” .

And it is that, he admits, a person who has more experience in the field gets “double or even triple.” Likewise, he assures that ” they do not ask you for anything of age” as a requirement, not even speaking English .” 

You come, you work for a while… three, four months, you make the money to live in Mexico very well for a whole year and you forget about those terrible salaries and that terrible trap that is, unfortunately, Latin America,” he says.

With more than 2.6 million views, the user went viral with almost 260 thousand likes and more than 4 thousand 400 comments. However, not everyone liked the idea, since, they said, he could offer his contacts instead of showing off how he is doing.” 

Don’t just give advice, give: your contacts, how you got there, who you went with, what company, what numbers, don’t just give us advice ” or ” Yes, but in Canada everything is more expensive… that is, you will earn more to be able to spend in Mexico but you will earn little to live in Canada ” are some of the comments in the video.

However, others comment in favor of the idea: ” I also want to live that dream, Mr. Pool “, comments a user. Although another one, they talk about the difficulty of reaching or even contacting, because not having money can be complicated.

One more comment stood out for having eaten an unwashed cherry:  ” DO NOT eat unwashed fruit, I am a nurse and I have seen cases of men with cysticercus damage, with brain damage from eating apples without WASHING in the pinch ” .

Source: milenio.com, noticieros.televisa.com

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