Crocodile attacks are getting more and more frequent in Mexico


Two American tourists were attacked and injured by a crocodile while staying at a Mexican resort. The civil defense office in the western state of Jalisco confirmed the attack on the two American tourists on Wednesday, July 27th.

The two men from Colorado were staying at the resort in Puerto Vallarta when one of the men decided to go swimming in the ocean.

While in the water, the man was attacked and the crocodile bit him shortly after he entered.

Reports reveal that the man sustained multiple injuries including bite marks on his chest, abdomen, right arm, and legs.

In an attempt to save his friend, the other man waded into the water and the crocodile attacked him too, biting him on his hand.

According to local media, the tourists were staying at Grand Velas Vallarta hotel in the resort town of Puerto Vallarta. Allegedly, hotel management has allowed them and their families free stay while recovering from their injuries.

A crocodile has attacked more than one American tourist in Puerto Vallarta lately.

Thankfully the tourists were given first aid following the night swim attack. Even though both men were given support and medical attention immediately, some on social media questioned why they were swimming in the wild in an area with crocodiles.

Tourists must understand that crocodiles are not uncommon in Puerto Vallarta and other beach destinations along the Mexican Coast.

In October 2021 a 12-year-old boy was attacked by one of these reptiles in Cancun.

In June of this year, a man was attacked in Tamaulipas by a huge crocodile when he jumped into the Carpintero Lagoon.

More recently, a crocodile was caught on a viral video swimming around holding the corpse of a man in its muzzle, also the Laguna del Carpintero in Tamaulipas.

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