FedEx Express signs a Collaboration Agreement with the state of Morelos


FedEx Express in Mexico signed a Collaboration Agreement with the Secretary of Economic Development and Labor (SDEyT) of the State of Morelos.

This alliance aims to stimulate the state economy by promoting the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through their access to the FedEx logistics network at a national and international level.

As part of the Agreement, relations between FedEx Express and the State Government are strengthened to offer tools that together stimulate the growth of local businesses and trade between Morelos with the rest of the country and the world.

Its objective is to provide support and guidance to participating SMEs in the region, to help generate employment and contribute to the economy of Morelos.

FedEx Express will provide support and training, in addition to preferential rates with discounts, to guarantee access to its logistics network that covers more than 200 countries and territories, so that SMEs can accelerate their expansion and reach new markets.

Jorge L. Torres, Vice President of Operations for FedEx Express in Mexico, stated that this alliance is important for the company as it provides the necessary tools with which it can broaden its growth prospects and obtain more business opportunities.

“This type of alliance with the public sector is key for FedEx, which remains firm in its commitment to benefit our customers and support and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit characteristic of Mexicans. We are proud to continue contributing to the growth of MSMEs, favoring the economic reactivation of this important sector”.

FedEx Express has signed multiple agreements of this type with the Secretariats of Economic Development of different states across the country, providing Mexican entrepreneurs with training and support for their expansion at a national and international level.

Source: Mexico Industry

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