What is the purpose of THCP?


A variety of cannabis contains tetrahydrocannabiphorol, a natural cannabinoid, and an analog of THC.

It’s believed that it is 33 times stronger on the cannabinoid1 (CB1) receptors than THC, which can cause an intense and intoxicating euphoric buzz.

The legality of THCP’s use is in conflict with contradicting federal laws. It’s not listed explicitly as a controlled drug and could protect under the new 2018 Farm Bill. Many believe it’s banned and falls under the Federal Analogue Act (FAA).

Discovering THCP is creating quite a stir. The mere idea of a stronger cannabinoid than THC is enough to send the cannabis world into quite a panic. You may find thc-p edibles by visiting here.

What else can we learn about THCP? What made it happen? What are its consequences? Do you think it has any positive effects on you?

What happened, and when did THCP found?

A new phytocannabinoid isolated from Cannabis sativa L. that exhibits a cannabimimetic activity that surpasses that of D9-tetrahydrocannabinol was first published in an open-access journal on 30th December 2019.

The name alone can make the most casual cannabis user their ears grow a bit fascinated.

Cannabinoids: what are they? In what way did it get there? How does this affect the cannabis industry as a whole?

THCP discover through accident

The study carries out by a group composed of Italian researchers. The Military Chemical Institute in Florence, Italy provided chromatography samples (FM2) using advanced mass-spectrometry and liquid technology. Researchers studied plant matter with precision using mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography. THCP binds 30 times more effectively to CB1 receptors than THC.

After the shock of finding an entirely new cannabinoid was gone and the team spotted THCP being nearly the same as THC with one exception.

Naturally, occurring cannabinoid molecules contain Alkyl-linked side chains. These side chains comprise strings made of carbon atoms.

If you examine the chemical structure diagrams for THC or CBD, those side-chain alkyls are like tails attached to the bottoms of animals.

These side chains of alkyl indicate how cannabinoid interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) — specifically, the receptors for cannabinoid.

At a minimum, three carbon atoms within an alkyl side chain for the cannabinoid to exert at least some efficacy on the receptor for cannabinoid 1 (CB1). THC has five carbon atoms, a significant cause of this “high” or “stoned” sensation in THC consumption.

THCP contains carbon atoms within its side chains of alkyl. A synthetic 7 carbon-chain derivative from THC ( JWH 091) is twice as efficient in binding to CB1 receptors than THC.

However, after the Italian team examined its naturally-derived THCP for human receptors, they found that it proved to be three times as effective in binding to CB1 receptors, which raises the question:

“What are the therapeutic benefits of THCP consumption?”

Researchers also found CBDP

Alongside THCP, Researchers also discovered(CBDP), another cannabinoid with seven hydrocarbon chains. CBDP is often referred to more informally as CBD-C7 as CBD-heptyl.

Comparatively to THCP and THCP, little is known in the case of CBDP. Researchers don’t believe CBDP is essential to study right now because CBDP itself isn’t known to have any effect on CB1 and receptors. It is therefore unlikely that the two additional links in the chain can increase the probability of receptor binding.

There is no research on CBDP, or its effect is presently underway.

What is THCP help both your body as well as you?

It’s a great query, but one that we aren’t quite sure of yet. Further studies must do before we can confidently determine the effects THCP can have on the body and you.

While studying the effects of THCP’s impact on human cannabinoid receptors, The Italian team discovered physical effects, including:

  • Hypomobility
  • Pain-relief (analgesia)
  • A decrease in temperature of the rectum.

Its effects are similar to those of THC but with an added boost. The impact of pain-reliever may be more intense. It may be an effective sleep aid for people who have insomnia.

There is no other proof to justify its use in therapeutic therapy. We can only speculate what could be beneficial shortly.

In terms of recreation, some users may enjoy the added power. The resultant “high” from a THCP-rich cannabis strain or product can have some powerful effects.

When combined with different compounds such as cannabinoids and Terpenes, their effects may be more sedative, energizing, or soothing.

Have you consumed THCP accidentally?

You’re likely to have accidentally consumed THCP at the time throughout your lifetime.

The combination of THCP and THC may cause a robust and unpredictable “high” rather than either alone. It is pretty logical.

Cannabis compounds don’t just suddenly start to discover after they find. They’ve been around all the time.

Are THCP legal to purchase?

Similar to delta-8 and delta-10 THC, the THCP is in an area of legal gray.

Although it does not classify as one of the controlled substances under the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA), The THCP remains an analog to THC. The analogs to THC are banned in the Federal Analogue Act (FAA) as a default unless eliminated by law.

But, as THCP is naturally present in hemp and contains up to 0.3 percent THC, Some argue that it is protected by the Agriculture Improvement Act (2018 Farm Bill), a crucial piece of legislation that legalizes federally hemp and hemp-derived products (not comprising THC).

Are there any THCP products available for sale?

Yes. Due to the increasing interest in THCP, There are THCP products available. Currently, only a few CBD companies offer THCP-identified products, but there is concern about their safety.

Without actual research, it’s hard to recommend THCP products to anyone confident in this compound’s near-term and long-term benefits.

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